St. Louis Company Invents Graffiti Detection System

Personally, we like a little graffiti on our urban landscape. Without graffiti, how would we ever know who to fear, or what gang is most likely to shoot us in this particular area?  Too bad a certain narc company is making the technology to stop all of that.

The Merlin graffiti-detection system system uses audio signature recognition software attached to the side of a building to distinguish the specific noise profile of a spray can and notify police if someone attempts to spray a graffiti message.

“The Merlin system is really innovative system that compliments many of the other security-related products offered by Potter Signal,” AKA Communications Managing Partner, Jeff Morris said.

Frankly this kind of thing is probably bad for St. Louis. Not so much for us current residents, but for newbies. We know its basically taking your life in your hands to go east on Delmar past the Pageant, but to visitors to our fair city they know to stop and turn around if they love life only when they see huge, not all that artistic graffiti on the side of a building saying something like “Big T” or “I frequent check cashing establishments because I clearly don’t understand interest rates!”

…that last one was on a long building.

via Globe Democrat