People Finally Go To Reservoir Park, But Only to See Graffiti

You know that park you drive by all the time but never know stop at and always wonder what that big thing is? Well that’s Reservoir Park (at 44 and Grand) and 50 years from now it will be remembered like a hipster Gettysburg as a battle site of the 2012 “Class War”. The graffiti, which includes phrases like “CLASS WAR,” and “COPS, PIGS, MURDERERS,” was sprayed on buildings, walls and statues at the park on Grand Boulevard just south of Interstate 44. [Read More]

St. Louis Company Invents Graffiti Detection System

Personally, we like a little graffiti on our urban landscape. Without graffiti, how would we ever know who to fear, or what gang is most likely to shoot us in this particular area? Too bad a certain narc company is making the technology to stop all of that. The Merlin graffiti-detection system system uses audio signature recognition software attached to the side of a building to distinguish the specific noise profile of a spray can and notify police if someone attempts to spray a graffiti message. [Read More]