People Finally Go To Reservoir Park, But Only to See Graffiti

People Finally Go To Reservoir Park, But Only to See Graffiti

You know that park you drive by all the time but never know stop at and always wonder what that big thing is? Well that’s Reservoir Park (at 44 and Grand) and 50 years from now it will be remembered like a hipster Gettysburg as a battle site of the 2012 “Class War”.

The graffiti, which includes phrases like “CLASS WAR,”  and “COPS, PIGS, MURDERERS,” was sprayed on buildings, walls and statues at the park on Grand Boulevard just south of Interstate 44.

Paint on a door labeled “park police” reads “ONLY THE BLOOD OF THE RICH WILL STOP OCCUPY.”

The park was the site of a confrontation Thursday night between Occupy Midwest protesters in town for a regional conference and police trying to enforce a park curfew. More than a dozen protesters were arrested. Two of them were injured.

The Occupy St. Louis leaders have denounced the graffiti and apologized, which is nice of them since if you didn’t do it you don’t need to apologize even if they used your name. Just ask TV’s Scott Wolf. We splash lime Kool Aid on old people if they don’t remember the show Party of Five and Scott Wolf hasn’t called a single one of them to our knowledge.

The most destructive part of the graffiti was the spraying “CLASS WAR” on the “Naked Truth” statue.

The painted words “CLASS WAR” on the brass Naked Truth statue will have to be removed carefully so as not to damage the patina, or protective coating, [John Maxwell, president of Compton Hill’s Water Tower and Park Preservation Society] said.

The statue was undergoing restoration and that will continue once the paint is removed, Maxwell said.

It was stupid to deface any public property, and as the Riverfront Times pointed out, it’s even more stupid based on the statue’s history, but it does kinda look cool. We’re not saying they should keep CLASS WAR on there, but that shade of blue with the statue’s old brass is kinda bad ass. Definitely clean this stuff off, since CLASS WAR is dump and sounds like a crappy punk pop band, but think about re-doing it with a light neon purple and the phrase “HAVE MERCY!” It’s a great message for the kids and Uncle Jesse should always be remembered for saying it when he saw a hot girl and occasionally for other non-sexy things at his own discretion.

via STLToday