Guy Rescues Kitties From Dumpster Bag

Guy Rescues Kitties From Dumpster Bag

Willie Jones was throwing out the trash when he heard noises coming from a trash bag by the dumpster. We would have screamed like a girl, ran in to the house only to come out later with a broom and a chair to stand on while poking the bag. Willie just checked what was inside, which would have been our second choice.

When he opened the bag, he found five tiny kittens struggling to breathe.

“I must have gotten there in the nick of time or maybe there was enough oxygen for another 10 minutes,” Jones said.

It’s not clear how the kittens ended up in the bag.

Mystery solved: A human probably put them in the bag. Cartoon dogs will some times do tricks to cats like this sort of thing, but they usually don’t bother to place the bag by a dumpster. They usually tie the bag to a rocket, which ends up just really tied to their leg after one of the cats figures out the plot and reties it. …or maybe the fuse somehow blows the dog up giving him that exploded black face…we’re getting off track here, but regardless, our guess is a human asshole put the cats there.

Jones tried several numbers before he was put in contact with Tenth Life Cat Rescue, a group that places rescued cats in foster homes, then adopts them out. Someone from Tenth Life picked the kittens up Sunday afternoon.

Elizabeth Frick, who started the organization in 2009, praised Jones for his actions.

Good to see everything is going to be fine for our little furry friends!

“What a good man,” said Frick, who runs Tenth Life from her home. “We are very grateful to him.”

He gave them to a lady that collects cats to adopt out of her home?! Hmm, ok. “Now that we have these five new cats here, we can chose some of our older, less attractive cats to be carefully placed in to a trash bag and set by the dumpster.” Frick (probably) said later.

via STLToday