Guy Rescues Kitties From Dumpster Bag

Willie Jones was throwing out the trash when he heard noises coming from a trash bag by the dumpster. We would have screamed like a girl, ran in to the house only to come out later with a broom and a chair to stand on while poking the bag. Willie just checked what was inside, which would have been our second choice. When he opened the bag, he found five tiny kittens struggling to breathe. [Read More]

Links For Your Blue Monday

It’s May 17th! The Beautiful Kind is back in action! Cops find dude murdered at South City car dealership. Key quote from police: “The place is kind of ransacked a little bit. It could be just from the way they keep the business, we don’t know at this time.” Way to kick them when their down officer. — The community helps a guy figure out some good date ideas for St. [Read More]

Auto-tuned Kitties

In case you thought the internet had found every way possible to film a cat, I present to you Auto-Tuned Cats: We love to see the clips where a guy takes one in the nuts, but the ones that really get us purring are the ones that clearly someone spent some time on…say for instance a guy cutting together and auto-tuning videos of cats on the internet into a song. [Read More]