Horrible Kitten Crime With Cute Photo Chaser

KMOX has a story about multiple kittens that were killed and then lined up in a Belleville, Illinois park: [A woman] found the bodies of dead kittens, seven in all,- near some railroad tracks. Their bodies were lined up all in a row. According to police spokesman Sgt. Don Sax the kittens may have been killed “by an animal”, and were later discovered and lined up by someone, perhaps a child. [Read More]

For Your Thursday: A Kitten Being Hugged by a Monkey

This week in St. Louis has been a boring not-quite-spring bunch of days with a weather related power outage for more than a few of you…and chances are more than a few of you were mugged, shot, stabbed or robbed. Who needs a hug? …better yet…who needs a monkey hug?

Answer: We all do.

via Cute Overload

Meaningless Friday Post: Kitten Massage Therapy

The camera cuts off before the happy ending, but by the looks of that slutty little masseuse, it must have been great! Previous posts pertaining to kitty massage (giggity!): “Tuesday Cat Massage” and “Let This Crazy Lady Tell You How to Massage Your Cat“ So we now have three posts about massaging cats on this site! Yup. Our life is really coming into focus after writing a sentence like that. Stay in school kids! [Read More]

PETA Protests Children’s Hospital over Kitty Poking

Everyone’s favorite animal rights group PETA was in full force in St. Louis today protesting the St. Louis Children’s Hospital for something. Someone probably put the wrong color lipstick on a test monkey or something… The animal rights organization PETA held a protest today against St. Louis Children’s Hospital for its use of live cats in a pediatric emergency training course. The hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sessions Cole, says the cats are a critical part of the training. [Read More]

That Whole Pretzel Thing

We’re really sorry. We tried to care. Really tried…ok that’s a lie, we kinda tried. Didn’t stick though. The whole thing is a freaking yawn no matter how many times the Mayor blogs about it.

Please join us in not giving a crap by watching “Kittens on a slide”

Auto-tuned Kitties

In case you thought the internet had found every way possible to film a cat, I present to you Auto-Tuned Cats: We love to see the clips where a guy takes one in the nuts, but the ones that really get us purring are the ones that clearly someone spent some time on…say for instance a guy cutting together and auto-tuning videos of cats on the internet into a song. [Read More]