Pro-Gaddafi Protests Mistakenly Think St. Louis Has Anything to Do With Libya

Signs that read “Hands off Libya” and “Stop the bombing” were held high outside the federal building in downtown St. Louis Monday because 10 people really don’t want the US picking on Libya…but not quite enough to get on a plane and protest in front of a building that actually has anything to do with US bombing Libya. “Africa can and must handles its own affairs,” [Organizer Zaki Baruti] said, “Stop the bombing and military intervention in Libya and Africa. [Read More]

PETA Protests Children’s Hospital over Kitty Poking

Everyone’s favorite animal rights group PETA was in full force in St. Louis today protesting the St. Louis Children’s Hospital for something. Someone probably put the wrong color lipstick on a test monkey or something… The animal rights organization PETA held a protest today against St. Louis Children’s Hospital for its use of live cats in a pediatric emergency training course. The hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sessions Cole, says the cats are a critical part of the training. [Read More]

Missouri Funeral Protests are Legal Again

Get ready recently widowed women who’s husbands were in the business of something we don’t like! You are one boring Saturday with us having posterboard and markers laying around from us getting in your face! Missouri has re-legalized funeral protests. U.S. District Judge Fernando Gaitan ruled the laws violate the right of free speech guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Gaitan concluded Missouri officials did not demonstrate the protest restrictions served a significant government interest nor that they had been narrowly tailored to prevent the harm of interruptions of funeral services. [Read More]

Photo: Bigots Picketing Lady Gaga at Scottrade Center

Found via the Twitter stream of one of the bigots themselves! From our @ladygaga concert picket in St. Louis! You can really tell all the good work they are doing across the street behind their little fence. Look at all the people listening and giving a crap. Powerful stuff. Now where did my ink well and quill go? Ah! Here it is… Dear @meganphelps, Why are you so angry? [Read More]

Some Dumbass Church Will Be on a St. Louis Hate Speech Tour This Weekend

The socially retarded hate “church” that runs the site (no, they don’t get a link) will be in town Saturday, July 17th, to put up stupid signs and march around so everyone will look at them. Here are snippets of their pubic itinerary: 2:00p – 2:30p @ Staenberg Family JCC You know how to read? Open a paper, or any website news page. I mean do you know that Egypt has made a law that any Egyptian man married to a Jewess shall lose their citizenship? [Read More]