Pro-Gaddafi Protests Mistakenly Think St. Louis Has Anything to Do With Libya

Signs that read “Hands off Libya” and “Stop the bombing” were held high outside the federal building in downtown St. Louis Monday because 10 people really don’t want the US picking on Libya…but not quite enough to get on a plane and protest in front of a building that actually has anything to do with US bombing Libya.

“Africa can and must handles its own affairs,” [Organizer Zaki Baruti] said, “Stop the bombing and military intervention in Libya and Africa.”

The group is calling on the United States to honor the wishes of the African Union, which was seeking a peaceful end to the crisis when the U-S led military intervention was unleashed.

“Um…sure. Ok…cool.” said the random guy that works in the federal building in downtown St. Louis. He told the protesters he’d write their complaints down and put them in his boss’ suggestion box, but he’s pretty sure it will lose after everyone hears Ramone’s idea for “Taco Tuesdays”.

via KMOX