Photo: Bigots Picketing Lady Gaga at Scottrade Center

Found via the Twitter stream of one of the bigots themselves!

From our @ladygaga concert picket in St. Louis!

You can really tell all the good work they are doing across the street behind their little fence. Look at all the people listening and giving a crap. Powerful stuff.

Now where did my ink well and quill go? Ah! Here it is…

Dear @meganphelps,

Why are you so angry? No one is making you like Lady Gaga or lick poontang. Chill out! Its really not hurting anyone. Wait. Is it because you look like you have Downs Syndrome, have horse teeth and a witchy nose?

Gotta be. Ok, that solves that mystery.

Just a tip though, I wouldn’t just burn that homosexual bridge just yet. You’re still pretty young and don’t yet realize that there’s a healthy chance no one will ever want to tap that ugly all-forehead with pubic hair growing out the top of it head of yours. Keeping that “maybe someone in the other half the species will bang me” option open might look pretty damn good in 20 or 30 years.

Just sayin.

– Your friends at Punching Kitty!