Me, Myself, Some Guy and Wang: Exploring Chat Roulette’s Missouri Section

We’ve related Chat Roulette, the (in)famous site where you video chat with someone randomly, to our local area before when someone figured a way to grab screenshots of people and post them according to their geographic location. That was fun, but we wanted Chat Roulette to do the real thing: Make “local” channels to find random chat buddies.

Recently they did just that. (Here’s the TechCrunch article about the new local channels)

…and we had to try it out. The video before is the screencast of our experience on the Missouri Chat Roulette channel. There weren’t many people in there, but even still I had no problem finding some oddballs. The video, embedded below, is slightly NSFW, but not really since we skillfully edited out anything that wouldn’t be good for your virgin little girl eyes.

In summary, its just like the regular Chat Roulette, but with less people. Same amount of dicks though.

You can make your own “adventure” on the new Missouri Chat Roulette channel (