Me, Myself, Some Guy and Wang: Exploring Chat Roulette’s Missouri Section

We’ve related Chat Roulette, the (in)famous site where you video chat with someone randomly, to our local area before when someone figured a way to grab screenshots of people and post them according to their geographic location. That was fun, but we wanted Chat Roulette to do the real thing: Make “local” channels to find random chat buddies. Recently they did just that. (Here’s the TechCrunch articleabout the new local channels) [Read More]

St. Louis Area Chatroulette Users Are Just a Bunch of Dudes

Everyone is all in a tizzy for this month’s internet Macarena: Chat Roulette [1], where you are automatically connected via video chat to a random stranger also using the site. Which sounds fun, until you realize that this guyis out there. We hear at Punching Kitty Headquarters have been racking our brains for a way to take the large ChatRoulette user base and strip away anyone not from St. Louis. You know, to see what St. [Read More]