Kansas City Wins Google Contest For Free Crazy Fast Internet

Think you’re pretty awesome now don’t you Kansas City, luring Google’s promise of awesome internet service away from us. Well pat yourselves on the back now because once Google realizes all your internet traffic consists of is people watching YouTube videos of guys getting hit in the balls and posting “Maybe we can sign Pujols!” on Royals message boards, they’ll wish they would have came to the other side of the state first! [Read More]

Missouri State Government: The Internet is Scary After Your Facebook Gets Hacked!

OMG: Internet hackers are targeting Missouri state representatives and their staff, and no one knows exactly how or why. JK, LOL. Really STLToday? “internet hackers”? You have the first line of your story about Missouri State officials getting their Facebook passwords cracked is about “internet hackers” mysteriously “targeting” the state representatives? You even got the little laptop floating in the blue internet image there. Really nicely done. Did you ask our grandma for help on this story? [Read More]

Lacy Clay and Russ Carnahan Hate the Internet

Missouri Representatives Lacy Clay (D) and Russ Carnahan (D) hate the internet…or at least the old white guy with his hand up their asses is making them say that. A slew of House Democrats have sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission warning the agency not to go forward with its plan to partially reclassify ISPs as common carriers, a move needed to impose net neutrality rules. “The uncertainty this proposal creates will jeopardize jobs and deter needed investment for years to come,” wrote Texas Congressman Gene Green on Monday. [Read More]

The Internet Loves Joe Buck

Could it be? Is St. Louis’ native son, superstar announcer, Joe Buck not well liked by the hive mind that is the internet? Well just ask Google… As you can tell from the suggestions above, it doesn’t take long to find plenty of Joe Buck hate. Here’s a sampling: – My god, Joe Buck is annoying. He’s an idiot, boring and has a grating dorky voice. I literally change games when I see he is an analyst. [Read More]

St. Louis Area Chatroulette Users Are Just a Bunch of Dudes

Everyone is all in a tizzy for this month’s internet Macarena: Chat Roulette [1], where you are automatically connected via video chat to a random stranger also using the site. Which sounds fun, until you realize that this guy is out there. We hear at Punching Kitty Headquarters have been racking our brains for a way to take the large ChatRoulette user base and strip away anyone not from St. Louis. [Read More]

Mayor’s Office Internet Poll Offers Glimpse of Local Porn Usage and Takes Shots at Charter

Maybe you haven’t heard because you only use your computer for Facebook and sending people eCards and viruses, but Google threw it out there a few weeks ago that they are trying to get in to the crazy-fast internet service game and basically said “Hey, United States cities? You want it? Show me what you got.” Which prompted just about every city in the union to lose their shit trying to convince Google to go to the internet prom with them. [Read More]

Greenbaum to Giving Tips About How to Handle New Media?!

You really can’t make this stuff up. I tried to make up something as crazy as this once but it ended up no one thought it was all that funny, we had to land the plane in Colorado, and I’m pretty sure I’m on the no-fly list now. If there ever were doubts about whether the public has opinions about the news, the arrival of online reader comments has dispelled them. [Read More]

KMOX.com: Stirring Up Excitement or Just a Missed Deadline?

That is what is standing in on KMOX.com. People are talking about it (shockingly) I’ll give them that, but to us this looks like the site was supposed to be up by now, so they put a splash screen up to buy some time. No, it has nothing to do with the actual on-air station product. Its just a website relaunch. Don’t get us wrong, we are as excited as one can be over the relaunch of St. [Read More]

Blind Item: A Certain Playground Game 2.0 Finally Coming to St. Louis!

We hear a certain website popular with the internet hipsters, iPhone-orati, and local gossip bloggers among us is finally making the move to St. Louis. This move as been particularly gained steam in recent months as some of us have felt a little left out and begged expressed interest via Twitter and at least two prominent blogs. The official announcement could come as soon as later this week! We also here that some of the “chosen” are already getting beta access to the service. [Read More]

KSDK.com is the Internet Version of Those Clipboard Ladies in the Mall

Hey KSDK.com, this has got to stop. If you can’t read that writing about this demographic survey that pops up while using their cluttered site, it reads: To help us keep ksdk.com available to all users free of charge, please answer the following questions. You should not be asked these questions again during future visits using the same computer. Register now to post, publish and participate and save keystrokes later. [Read More]