Stirring Up Excitement or Just a Missed Deadline?

That is what is standing in on People are talking about it (shockingly) I’ll give them that, but to us this looks like the site was supposed to be up by now, so they put a splash screen up to buy some time. No, it has nothing to do with the actual on-air station product. Its just a website relaunch. Don’t get us wrong, we are as excited as one can be over the relaunch of St. [Read More] is the Internet Version of Those Clipboard Ladies in the Mall

Hey, this has got to stop. If you can’t read that writing about this demographic survey that pops up while using their cluttered site, it reads: To help us keep available to all users free of charge, please answer the following questions. You should not be asked these questions again during future visits using the same computer. Register now to post, publish and participate and save keystrokes later. [Read More]

The Pageant’s Website Really Sucks

Let me start off with this. I’ve met Joe Edwards a few times now. He’s awesome. He’s done a lot of good for St. Louis and the Loop specifically. He sells one of the best hamburgers in the world at Blueberry Hill. …and his website for the Pageant sucks. I’m not sure when they redesigned this, but I hope it wasn’t long ago because knowing something like this existed in the world for longer than a few days makes me scared and nervous like Sigourney Weaver with the Alien running around her ship. [Read More]