KSDK.com is the Internet Version of Those Clipboard Ladies in the Mall

Hey KSDK.com, this

ksdk_questionhas got to stop.

If you can’t read that writing about this demographic survey that pops up while using their cluttered site, it reads:

To help us keep ksdk.com available to all users free of charge, please answer the following questions. You should not be asked these questions again during future visits using the same computer.

Register now to post, publish and participate and save keystrokes later.

Come on!  “To help us keep ksdk.com available to all users?”  There is so much wrong with stuff like this!  What you don’t already run ads on your site?  I can’t believe that some people can’t understand how annoying this kind of stuff is.

Its exactly like the clipboard ladies in the mall.  You know the ones…stretch pants, XXXL t-shirt with a kitty airbrushed on to it, holding a clipboard in her knuckle-dimpled, scrunchy-adorned, hand looking at your with her wide, unblinking eyes.  You look up and what do you do?  Freeze.  Right there in the middle of the mall.  Yeah, you really want to go in to that Walden Books but she’s right there at the entrance!  Your mind races…”how do I get in to the Walden Books with out having to make eye contact.”  Do you go around and try to sneak in behind the fake plant on the far side of the entrance?  Pretend to be super interested in that pamphlet you took off the cell phone case / ceramic puppy kiosk?  Ooh! Your cell phone, you could pretend to be on a call!  …but she’s looking right at you.  Wait!  How long have you been standing there!  Make a move! Make a move!

Your move is the same thing most of us do: You turn your ass around and go get the book on Amazon.

No one likes these things KSDK!  No one like to be accosted, even digitally, when trying to browse around.  If you bug us, we’ll just go.

And another thing!  What’s with the Fark buttons, that allow you to submit the story to the humor site Fark, on every story?  Your a news site.  Some of your “stories” don’t exactly need a Fark button.  Here’s an example:

ksdk_farkHa ha ha ha!  Car accident!  Classic!