Its August, the Cubs Fans Are Starting to Get Restless (and Drunk)

Shane Victorino has had a pretty craptastic week.  First he was ejected by the home plate up when he was in center field, and then he had to go to Chicago and when tracking a fly ball some douche dropped a beer on him.

First Bartman now this?! Jesus christ Cubs, can’t you do something about your fans?

Cubs Chairman Crane Kenney had this to say:

“What are you going to do?” Kenney said. “We serve beer and people sit in the bleachers. If you think about how many years we’ve gone with no issues of any kind, including situations where we had our fans in some way animated about our own players, where they weren’t favorable towards them — so this is an isolated instance. [We’ll] handle it the right way, we think, with the police.”

Well it gets crazier, because apparently when the Wrigley Field police came to kick the bum out, they grabbed the wrong guy.

Well Victorino filed a police report and the hunt is on for the actual guy and I’m sure they will find him and do basically nothing to him because blah blah blah.

This is obviously bad news for Chicago, but the important thing is that the Cubs are healthy…um…they are in first place…um…they usually win a lot of World Series…jesus.  I have no idea.  Get your shit together Chicago.

Via Deadspin and (You can see the video on the MLB page.)