Oh Theriot…That Was Not a Good Idea

Ryan Theriot, the solid bench player that was scrappy enough to convince Tony LaRussa to give him a starting job. The facts are, 1. He’s really a pretty piss poor shortstop. 2. His jersey gets dirty. 3. He’s really really bad at talking to the press. Post Dispatch’s Bernie Miklasz describes Theriot’s latest flub: Theriot may be in for some jeering when he returns to St. Louis after joining in on the fun on a Chicago sports-talk show (ESPN 1000). [Read More]

Cubs Shortstop Gets Busted For Underage Gambling at Lumiere Place Casino

I don’t know how we missed this yesterday, but KMOV got the scoop on a great little story about the Chicago Cubs’ rookie shortstop, one Starlin Castro, getting busted for underage gambling in the downtown Lumiere Place Casino. News4 has learned that Castro was involved in a violation of Missouri gaming laws at Lumiere Place Casino on August 13th. The Cubs were staying at the Four Seasons Hotel and after their game that night with the St. [Read More]

Cubs Rants For the Weekend Series

Sure we ripped on him for much of the week, but Brandon Phillips did somehow manage to stumble his way in to a good thing by stirring up some crazy stuff with his now famous Cardinals rant (Checkout our full coverage here!). That being said, losing your mind in front of a microphone about another baseball club is hardly original though. Its happened more than a few times and a couple of the best where about the one club that’s pretty much a walking target for ripping on… [Read More]

As the Cardinals Play the Cubs, Lets Take a Look on Their Fans

Another Cubs vs Cardinals series starts this weekend and we felt that is was high time we take a look at a sampling of Cubs fans with a little help from our friends at OtherTeamsFans.com

Some of them are more attractive than others, but one this is for sure, they wouldn’t know what winning felt like if it landed on their face. Which it won’t. Because they like the Cubs and they never win. Get it? The Cubs never win. Ever. They’re horrible. Cardinals are good though. Not the Cubs.

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Cubs Epic Suckiness Finally Forces Lou Piniella to Retire

The Cubs are horrible even when they should be good, but managed to do what many teams haven’t been able to do: Take the fun out of the game for Lou Piniella, as “Sweet” Lou announced that this season will be his last as a major league manager, retiring after 18 years as a player and 22 as a manager. “It’s been a wonderful experience,” he said. “There’s no way that I won’t cherish the memories here. [Read More]

The Reds’ First Baseman Joey Votto Hates the Cubs

If we lose Pujols after next season LeBron-style, we should totally go get the Reds’ Joey Votto to hold down first base. Not only can the guy hit (actually having a better season thus far than the Mang himself.) but he totally hates the Cubs. No not like “Oh you rascal! I hate you.” and then see them chatting it up on the field during BP, but like telling ESPN he hates them. [Read More]

Don’t Worry About Pujols Becoming a Cub

By all accounts, Cardinals mega-star Albert Pujols is a really nice guy. So nice in fact that the fact he said anything bad about the Cubs’ stadium basically is the equivalent of us telling them that although old and quaint, their stadium is pretty overrated for a brick circle that makes me think more of a bull fighting right where the Cubs keep charging for that championship and whiffing each time than a baseball park. [Read More]

Did Cubs’ 2B Jeff Baker Light His Farts and Burn His Ass?

Jeff Baker, bench infielder for the Cubs hasn’t played in a while and people started to wonder why. Wanna guess why? A. Could it be because he doesn’t hit lefties well? B. He has been out because he burned his ass while trying to light his farts. C. He just isn’t very good. The rumor mill has it’s B. From the comments on a popular Cubs blog: By the way, there is a reason Baker has not been starting until today. [Read More]

Even the President Takes Shots at the Cubs

Last season’s World Series Champions the New York Yankees visited the White House the other day to do the photo-op thing and mingle with President Obama. Obama, quite the sports fan himself, couldn’t help himself from taking a shot at the woeful Cubs while standing with the winningest organization of them all. “It’s been nine years since your last title, which must have felt like an eternity for Yankees fans,” Obama said. [Read More]

Its August, the Cubs Fans Are Starting to Get Restless (and Drunk)

Shane Victorino has had a pretty craptastic week. First he was ejected by the home plate up when he was in center field, and then he had to go to Chicago and when tracking a fly ball some douche dropped a beer on him. First Bartman now this?! Jesus christ Cubs, can’t you do something about your fans? Cubs Chairman Crane Kenney had this to say: “What are you going to do? [Read More]