Even the President Takes Shots at the Cubs

Last season’s World Series Champions the New York Yankees visited the White House the other day to do the photo-op thing and mingle with President Obama. Obama, quite the sports fan himself, couldn’t help himself from taking a shot at the woeful Cubs while standing with the winningest organization of them all. “It’s been nine years since your last title, which must have felt like an eternity for Yankees fans,” Obama said. [Read More]

When You Account for the Season, the Cardinals Aren’t All That Cheap

The whole point of this post over at subtraction.com by Khoi Vinh was to invalidate the “Yankees bought a championship!” argument, and although an interesting read, not really something that this blog gives a crap about. However, in the data he pulled something interesting did pop up that related to St. Louis and our National League Central champ Cardinals. Vinh pulled the revenue each team made in 2008 and the payroll for the team in the 2009 season and compared the “investment rate” that the team operated on for the 2009 season along with their final record. [Read More]