Former Promoter Says Nelly Blew All His Money on Gambling, Steroids and Coke

If we were looking for a way to blow a small fortune, steroids, cocaine and gambling sounds like as good a method as any, but we aren’t here to approve or judge…ok, that’s exactly what we’re for, but usually that comes later in the post after we do this intro bit followed by a block quote of actual reporting. It all started a few days ago when Nelly and his then promoter SLIM got into a war of words. [Read More]

Cubs Shortstop Gets Busted For Underage Gambling at Lumiere Place Casino

I don’t know how we missed this yesterday, but KMOV got the scoop on a great little story about the Chicago Cubs’ rookie shortstop, one Starlin Castro, getting busted for underage gambling in the downtown Lumiere Place Casino. News4 has learned that Castro was involved in a violation of Missouri gaming laws at Lumiere Place Casino on August 13th. The Cubs were staying at the Four Seasons Hotel and after their game that night with the St. [Read More]