Former Promoter Says Nelly Blew All His Money on Gambling, Steroids and Coke

If we were looking for a way to blow a small fortune, steroids, cocaine and gambling sounds like as good a method as any, but we aren’t here to approve or judge…ok, that’s exactly what we’re for, but usually that comes later in the post after we do this intro bit followed by a block quote of actual reporting.

It all started a few days ago when Nelly and his then promoter SLIM got into a war of words. Apparently Slim booked Nelly to appear at a Basketball game, and Nelly didn’t like it.

So Nelly took to Twitter and AIRED OUT Slim . . . then fired him.

Well Slim didn’t like all the SLICK TWEETING . . . and proceeded to put ALLLL of Nelly’s business out there.

Dayummm . . . remind us NEVER to get on Slim’s bad side. When that man GOES IN . . . he goes ALL THE WAY IN!!!

As Media Take Out described, it all started on Twitter with this tweet from Nelly…

Nelly_Mo: NOO IM NOT PLAYING IN ANY BASKETBALLGAME TODAY IN STL!!i dont f#ck wit “”S_hady L_ame I_gnorant M_uthaf#ckas””!!

…which was an obvious (obvious, being a relative term here) reference to Nelly’s sometimes promoter, who goes by the alias of “SLIM”. Well, we gotta say, we enjoy Slim. First he hits back with this (a tweet that has since been removed):

LooseCannonSLIM: @Nelly_Mo #FACTS u broke you spent yo whole fortune on #coke #steriods #ashanti #PILLS and at #HARRAHSCASINO u prolly there now!

…and as if allegations of drug abuse and poor money management skills wasn’t enough…

LooseCannonSLIM: @Nelly_Mo u sold yo soul to the devil for 10yrs of fame and fortune…time to pay up!..u need to go to Shalome ASAP!

LooseCannonSLIM: @Nelly_Mo made me??? jus STOP IT HOLMES!..u jus makin urself look worst..DO URSELF A FAVOR N CALL 1800BETSOFF

LooseCannonSLIM: Ok #ainttruebutitsfunny I got more ppl in my house right now than ppl who brought #brassknuckles and #5.0. Put togetha!! @Nelly_Mo

LooseCannonSLIM: @Nelly_Mo #thingsbrokepplsay “man I dnt need this big house nomo all da kids grown away..I’m jus gonna get a condo” #niggaufelloff

It’s all good though, because they’re still “brothas”…ok, maybe one last shot…

LooseCannonSLIM: @Nelly_Mo and at the end of the day u still my brotha..but the #PILLS and #gambling turned u into a #!@%*#ed up nigga..but u been gettn away w/ #!@%*# too #!@%*#n up a lot of ppl lives thats close to u..wake up nigga!

We love this SLIM guy! Easily one of the more entertaining Twitter fights of the year! …eh…ok, we don’t want to be a grammar nag but, one thing we noticed Slim…you missed the trailing on g “making” in one of your tweets…everything else looks good though.

Nelly has a rebuttal, also on Twitter, which we screencapped below:

Maybe we’ll never know how ‘roided and poor Nelly is or isn’t, but we will know this: These two gentlemen are both products of the St. Louis City school system, and though they are clearly both borderline illiterate, they are alive which plays to the strength of the St. Louis School System’s new slogan: “Look, just be happy you made it out alive. Go learn stuff on your own time.”