Cubs Shortstop Gets Busted For Underage Gambling at Lumiere Place Casino

I don’t know how we missed this yesterday, but KMOV got the scoop on a great little story about the Chicago Cubs’ rookie shortstop, one Starlin Castro, getting busted for underage gambling in the downtown Lumiere Place Casino.

News4 has learned that Castro was involved in a violation of Missouri gaming laws at Lumiere Place Casino on August 13th. The Cubs were staying at the Four Seasons Hotel and after their game that night with the St. Louis Cardinals, Castro and some of the players went downstairs to Lumiere Place Casino.

According to the Missouri Gaming Commission, a security guard failed to check Castro’s identification which would have shown that he’s only 20 years old. In less than 10 minutes another employee noticed he looked young, asked to see his ID and realized Castro was too young to be in the casino.

Nicely done security guard! Pretty much your only job is to check IDs and you were too busy jersey-chasing the Cubs players to do your job. It’s not like Castro is one of those 20 but looks 45 (because their actually 32) latin players, this kid looks every bit of 20 (top right).

No, Castro won’t be fined and neither will the casino it appears. This was every bit of a “get out of her you little rascal” kind of deal.

The Cubs team as a whole, also were recently barred from every going to the O’Fallon, MO bar “Playoffs” for obvious reasons. Apparently someone let them in a few times but they always get really sloppy and end up shitting all over themselves.

via KMOV