St. Louis Chicks with Douchey Guys

Maybe you’ve seen the blog Hot Chicks with Douchebags, well guess what? We have a few examples of this meme in our very own town…and all it took to find them was a quick trip to the InsideSTL photo gallery! Shocker right? You know guys, I’m guessing most of you are sports fans. There’s a sport expression that falls inline with this: “Act like you’ve been there before.” You don’t need to get this excited just because someone pointed a camera at you while you happen to be standing next to a girl. [Read More]

No, No One Knows Who David Freese Is

Heard this from a reliable source close to the arresting officer that ended Cardinal 3rd baseman David Freese’s mobile kegger last weekend: When Freese was stopped he pulled the “Do you know who I am?!” routine! Seriously. Here’s a note to all you “St. Louis Celebs,” when your ass is in the fryer, and you ask “Do you know who I am!?” its a douche move even if you are Albert Pujols, but its a whole crazy new level of douche to do it when you are basically a minor league third baseman that has had a cup of coffee in the bigs and his only real skill of power seemingly evaporate like that little bit of foam left in a keg cup. [Read More]

Its August, the Cubs Fans Are Starting to Get Restless (and Drunk)

Shane Victorino has had a pretty craptastic week. First he was ejected by the home plate up when he was in center field, and then he had to go to Chicago and when tracking a fly ball some douche dropped a beer on him. First Bartman now this?! Jesus christ Cubs, can’t you do something about your fans? Cubs Chairman Crane Kenney had this to say: “What are you going to do? [Read More]