Maybe Just Stick to Old People Music KLOU

Poor David Freese. The Cardinals third baseman got over his issues, but KLOU, being the “oldies” station, loves to bring up stuff people would just rather forget. In fact, we’ve never understood why radio stations make their jocks come up with news stories to say in between songs and commercials, but they all do it and it’s always horrible. Usually the jocks stick with the lamest entertainment news possible: Kardashians, Britney Spears, something about the Twilight movies…but some, like KLOU’s Cindy Collins (2p – 7p) take the “just find some shit to talk about” job a little more seriously than others. [Read More]

The Cardinals’ David Freese Crashed in SUV

David Freese can drive a baseball, but driving cars can still be a challenge. The Cardinals third basemen crashed his car Thursday while trying to avoid a deer. It’s his third accident over the last few years, but this crash didn’t involved alcohol and luckily Freese was unharmed. Freese, 29, was heading south on Wildhorse Creek Road near Rieger Road in Wildwood when he crashed his 2011 black Range Rover into a tree to avoid a deer, said St. [Read More]

KSDK’s Julie Tristan Got Some Attention For Her David Freese “Interview”

Julie Tristan, of KSDK and previously of 101 The River fame, got a little attention over the weekend after sports blog Deadspin took shots at her David Freese interview. Essentially, Deadspin used the piece in which Tristan rides Six Flags’ “Mr. Freeze” ride with the Cardinal third baseman and playfully hits on him with her friend, as an example of what is wrong with all local new media. Here’s a link to the KSDK video in question. [Read More]

David Freese Had to Go Shopping Yesterday with ESPN’s Erin Andrews

Despite what you might think, all is not perfect in Cardinal third baseman and World Series MVP David Freese’s world. Sure he’s been on every TV show over the past week or two, and appeared as a presenter on the CMAs (Crappy Music Awards) last night. But earlier in the day, our home town hero realized he had nothing to wear! OMG! Freese took charge and did what we all do nowadays, he put it on Twitter: @dfreese23: Bag didn’t make my connector to Nashville. [Read More]

No, No One Knows Who David Freese Is

Heard this from a reliable source close to the arresting officer that ended Cardinal 3rd baseman David Freese’s mobile kegger last weekend: When Freese was stopped he pulled the “Do you know who I am?!” routine! Seriously. Here’s a note to all you “St. Louis Celebs,” when your ass is in the fryer, and you ask “Do you know who I am!?” its a douche move even if you are Albert Pujols, but its a whole crazy new level of douche to do it when you are basically a minor league third baseman that has had a cup of coffee in the bigs and his only real skill of power seemingly evaporate like that little bit of foam left in a keg cup. [Read More]

Cardinals 3B, David Freese Arrested on DWI Charge

Joe Strauss is reporting on that Cardinals third basemen, and the current leader to be the starter there come spring has been arrested on a DWI charge in Maryland Heights Cardinals third baseman David Freese was arrested in St. Louis County early Saturday morning on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, Maryland Heights police confirmed Sunday. Maryland Heights police did not make available an incident report Sunday, but sources familiar with the case confirmed Freese was arrested in the early-morning hours. [Read More]