Cardinals 3B, David Freese Arrested on DWI Charge

IMG_0384.JPGJoe Strauss is reporting on that Cardinals third basemen, and the current leader to be the starter there come spring has been arrested on a DWI charge in Maryland Heights

Cardinals third baseman David Freese was arrested in St. Louis County early Saturday morning on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, Maryland Heights police confirmed Sunday.

Maryland Heights police did not make available an incident report Sunday, but sources familiar with the case confirmed Freese was arrested in the early-morning hours.

Freese, acquired in the Jim Edmonds trade with the Padres and a home-town boy, didn’t seem much of the bigs last year despite his minor league ranking for the club because of…wait for it…a freaking car wreck that damaged both of his feet enough that he finally had to come clean with the club in spring training.  Although Strauss states that this current run in did not involve an accident, its still probably a little more than a coincidence to the Cardinals front office.  Speaking of which…

Mozeliak acknowledged learning of Freese’s arrest Saturday. “At this time I do not know all the details,” he said Sunday night. “We are extremely disappointed upon hearing this.”

Which roughly translates to:

“Dammit.  What did DeRosa want again?  You might as well also pass me Adrain Beltre’s number.”

The other thing that will come out of this and is covered in Strauss’ piece throughly is the Cardinals new tradition of drinking!  Tony LaRussa, Scott Spiezio, and of course Josh Handcock to name a few…oh yeah, and they play in Busch Stadium.