Nelly Robbed! Black Guy in Hooded Sweatshirt Crime Spree Continues

We took a little unscheduled break on Friday, and apparently we can’t ever do that again as the minute our guard was down Nelly got robbed!

Police said Nelly, who’s real name is Cornell Haynes, Jr., was not home at the time, but three other people were there. The suspect grabbed a backpack full of electronics and was confronted by someone inside the home. The robber left the home with the backpack and got into a black GMC Envoy.

Police said the suspect had a mustache, glasses and was wearing a dark-colored hoodie.

First, the mystery of why Nelly wanted to go by Nelly…Cornell Haynes Jr?  Not very rapper-y!  Secondly, the crime wave of the guy in a dark hoodie continues unabated!

Here’s the thing though, this guy is a moron.  If you are going to take the effort of jumping over the Wildwood fence and the stones to break in to a house, why would you only break in to Nelly’s house and then only take video games?  What are you seven?  Nelly’s dogs are probably rocking diamond chains and all you got out of there is a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog for XBox3 360?!

If you were wondering, STLToday has the security camera video in case you can recognize splotchy guys in black and white footage.  If I was Nelly, I’d be pissed.  When the cops only move is to release the footage to the public is basically giving up.

“Well hell. We got nothing…does anyone else in the world have any ideas?” Awesome.