Steven Jackson is Tired.


What could be called nothing other than a whoopin’, the Rams got dropped by the Titans yesterday. Once again we go to the only player that’s worth a damn on the Rams, Steve Jackson.

Steven, since being the only offensive weapon on the Rams all season, you’ve had pretty much every member of your opposition’s defense up your ass every Sunday, yet  you are fighting through the pain and putting up amazing numbers. The real question is, after all that work, how does a kick in the jimmy like the Titan’s game make you feel?

Instead of me embarrassing myself or my family,I’m just going to say that I’m tired.I’m just tired.

You fill in the blanks. However you want to write the article or say it – I’m just tired.

(Quotes from BJRains Twitter feed)

The slow process of SJ39 turning in to Mean Joe Green might just be complete.