Woman Attacked in UMSL Bathroom

Nothing worse than being at a night class and then getting attacked when trying to take a leak.

Campus police say they are following several leads. They say the attack happened about around 4:20 p.m. Tuesday in the Social Science and Business building.

School officials maintain UMSL is a very safe campus, although this is the second time this year that a potentially dangerous situation was reported on campus.

Yeah, we hear North St. Louis is a “very safe” part of town in general if you disregard all the murders and muggings.

No cameras are in the Social Science and Business building. According to campus police, a female student was approached in the women’s bathroom on the first floor of the building.

I agree.  Lets get some cameras in the lady’s room right away.

Luckily the woman wasn’t hurt as someone else came in before anything could happen and the perp got away.  He is still at large and is described as a tall african american man wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt.  Well, he shouldn’t be too hard to track down since that same non-descript guy has been implicated in every single other North St. Louis crime for the last 20 years.

Eventually they just gotta catch that guy.

via KSDK