Eighth Grade Class Attacked by Yellow Jackets!

Ahhhhh! Breaking news from KSDK! A class of eighth grade students and their teachers were attacked!!!! …by yellow jackets…and it was last Thursday. One girl got stung a bunch of times, but she’s fine. Hmm. Seems like there should be more here…oh wait! Check out this picture KSDK made! Aaaaaaahhhhh! We swear to you that we did not make that. It’s legit, and stupid. It’s legitimately stupid. Sooo…on yeah. Aaaahhhhh! What happened to these poor students that had a total emergency when being attacked by that giant bug and that drop-shadowed font, but not enough for KSDK to report on it then? [Read More]

Woman Attacked in UMSL Bathroom

Nothing worse than being at a night class and then getting attacked when trying to take a leak. Campus police say they are following several leads. They say the attack happened about around 4:20 p.m. Tuesday in the Social Science and Business building. School officials maintain UMSL is a very safe campus, although this is the second time this year that a potentially dangerous situation was reported on campus. Yeah, we hear North St. [Read More]