UMSL Locks Down Campus Because of a Professor That Still Likes His Job

The campus of University of Missouri St. Louis today was locked down after a student reported they had seen a “man with a gun” to the police. The following text-alert was sent out to all faculty, staff and students: Man with a gun seen in Lucas Hall. Police have been unable to confirm this. Older W/M, glasses, 5’8″. Avoid Lucas Hall. Secure in place. Don’t come to Campus. If this person is seen call the campus police at 516-5155. [Read More]

Um Your Thumb Drive is Poking Me in the Back. Oh Wait. It’s Your Penis.

Let us set the scene… You’re working away on your term paper at your campus computer lab. Its cold in here, and why do all computer labs always smell like this? On top of that, where the hell do you even go to buy an orange plastic chair? Weird. It’s getting hot in here now. Damn! Really hot. Its like the air vent is blowing hot air right on the back of my neck. [Read More]

Wash U More Dangerous Than UMSL?

A week ago we posted a little something about a woman getting attacked in a bathroom at UMSL’s north city campus. Yeah, we hear North St. Louis is a “very safe” part of town in general if you disregard all the murders and muggings. But wait! Were we wrong with our flippant remarks about north city and UMSL? Maybe. We had someone contact us about the matter! Here’s what they said: [Read More]

Woman Attacked in UMSL Bathroom

Nothing worse than being at a night class and then getting attacked when trying to take a leak. Campus police say they are following several leads. They say the attack happened about around 4:20 p.m. Tuesday in the Social Science and Business building. School officials maintain UMSL is a very safe campus, although this is the second time this year that a potentially dangerous situation was reported on campus. Yeah, we hear North St. [Read More]