Wash U More Dangerous Than UMSL?

A week ago we posted a little something about a woman getting attacked in a bathroom at UMSL’s north city campus. Yeah, we hear North St. Louis is a “very safe” part of town in general if you disregard all the murders and muggings. But wait! Were we wrong with our flippant remarks about north city and UMSL? Maybe. We had someone contact us about the matter! Here’s what they said: [Read More]

Out of the Rubble of Jamestown Mall Comes “Lindbergh Place”?

On Friday a panel of experts on crappy malls or something recommended that Jamestown Mall should be bulldozed and use the space for a “town center” with retail shops and restaurants, which to us, sounds like a mall without a roof…or a strip mall. Good idea. The panel is currently calling their concept for the new development “Lindbergh Place” a mixed use town center complete with everything from shops and restaurants to YMCA’s and parks. [Read More]