Wash U More Dangerous Than UMSL?

A week ago we posted a little something about a woman getting attacked in a bathroom at UMSL’s north city campus.

Yeah, we hear North St. Louis is a “very safe” part of town in general if you disregard all the murders and muggings.

But wait!  Were we wrong with our flippant remarks about north city and UMSL?  Maybe.  We had someone contact us about the matter!

Here’s what they said:

UMSL has the least number of sexual assaults out of wash u, slu and mizzou. so stop bashing NoCo. word.

Putting aside the fact that this particular North County lover seems a little violent themselves, we will concede that our remark didn’t have a lot of things like “facts” or “research” behind it.  I do have this map though which looks like there are more little crime-y icons north than south:


Apparently there are also some official documents running around that prove differently, but hello!  Look at all the crime-y icons!

…also we are pretty sure that if crimes are reported less, its because people are tougher there and pack heat…and drive around in cars like on Mad Max and the Thunderdome.  I’m not sure about that last part though.