Wentzville GM Plant Makes 2 Millionth Van, Last Employee Left Cheered Really Hard

WT0108-29-1-WebAfter a year filled with layoffs, more layoffs and finally laying off that guy that everyone thought was totally going to be the first one to get canned but somehow making it until the third round, the GM plant in Wentzville, MO rolled out the 2 Millionth “full sized van” yesterday marking another time in history that no one will care about ever.

At about 3:30 p.m., the 2 millionth full size van rolled off the assembly line here at the GM plant.

It is being considered quite an accomplishment, considering that GM laid off about half of its workforce earlier this year. Mayor Paul Lambi and members of the Wentzville Chamber of Commerce were on site to mark the occasion.

Soon that van, like shown above, will be out doing one of the many jobs vans like this do in our society like being adorned with poorly thought out logos for plumbers, storing recently picked up kids for future pedophile-type activities, or carting your giant fertilizer bombs around.  A proud day indeed.

via KSDK

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