That Must Have Been One Really Bad Hair Cut

Update: Hey look, what do you know! This shooting was because of an argument about the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting according to the AP. A shooting because of an argument about a shooting? USA! USA! Original post below… A man entered the “All Cuts Barber Shop” in Wentzville, MO yesterday, apparently had an altercation with someone inside, left and returned a moment later to shoot the place up. Do they not get the news in Wentzville? [Read More]

Wentzville Church Trivia Night Ends With Accidental Shooting

A man was shot in Wentzville’s St. Patrick’s church over the weekend and the police are ruling it as an accident, which is just so St. Charles County. Sure people get shot out there too, just like in the city, but out there it’s always “My bad! Junior’s still a learnin’ about the safety! He’ll master it by age 5 like his daddy!” rather than a 45 year old prostitute gunning down some crackhead trying to steal her stash. [Read More]

Wentzville Tattoo Artist Invents New Belly Piercing Remover…Oh Wait. That’s Just a Gun.

A Wentzville tatto shop owner is facing gun and drug charges, which is a total bummer since he’s already in trouble for getting caught video taping women in his shop’s bathroom. The real shame of all of this is the lost of trust, because if you can’t trust your small town creepy tattoo artist to not shoot you or videotape you in the horrible little bathroom, then what do you have in this world? [Read More]

Wentzville Police Debut New Drug Drop-off Box

Have some extra drugs you don’t need? Swing them by the Wentzville Police Department if you don’t want them. They have a drop box for that now. Time until 4 highschool kids beat the hell out of this thing with a bat to get at the expired woman’s fertility drugs inside? 6 hours. Removing expired or unused drugs from home medicine cabinets will help in combating prescription drug abuse, especially by adolescents, according to a release from the city. [Read More]

The Timberland High School School Board is Still Retarded

Way back in March of this year we told you about the Wentzville Timberland High school, and their teaching staff’s stomping on the poor little journalists of their school paper because they wouldn’t let them write about tattoos. Here’s how we summarized the situation it at the time: No one is arguing that the principal has the last call in his school, and we aren’t going to get in to that here. [Read More]

Top 5 Name Suggestions For that Dumb Owl

The other day an endangered owl who clearly didn’t realize it was endangered, did it’s best Rams offensive linemen impression and got its owl face smashed in by a fire truck in Wentzville, MO. The firemen said “Screw that. We’re not stopping. Owl wasn’t even on fire.” but when it got to where it was going, it realized the bird was stuck to their truck and then pretty much had to do something about it so it got a shovel and flicked it on the steps of a bird sanctuary. [Read More]

Wentzville GM Plant Makes 2 Millionth Van, Last Employee Left Cheered Really Hard

After a year filled with layoffs, more layoffs and finally laying off that guy that everyone thought was totally going to be the first one to get canned but somehow making it until the third round, the GM plant in Wentzville, MO rolled out the 2 Millionth “full sized van” yesterday marking another time in history that no one will care about ever. At about 3:30 p.m., the 2 millionth full size van rolled off the assembly line here at the GM plant. [Read More]
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