Wentzville Church Trivia Night Ends With Accidental Shooting

Wentzville Church Trivia Night Ends With Accidental Shooting

A man was  shot in Wentzville’s St. Patrick’s church over the weekend and the police are ruling it as an accident, which is just so St. Charles County. Sure people get shot out there too, just like in the city, but out there it’s always “My bad! Junior’s still a learnin’ about the safety! He’ll master it by age 5 like his daddy!” rather than a 45 year old prostitute gunning down some crackhead trying to steal her stash.

According to reports, a trivia night fundraiser for a cancer patient was wrapping up with approximately 165 people left cleaning up, moving chairs and clearing the tables. “As things were winding down some balloons were being popped and during the popping of the balloons there was a pop that was unrecognizable and there was a victim of a gunshot,” said Wentzville Police Chief Lisa Harrison.

Initially the police detained every attendee of the gathering that were still at the church, searching and questioning each one until roughly 3am. The police later decided the incident was an accident when the shooter came forward Sunday morning after seeing the news coverage. Seriously, he didn’t come forward because he shot a random bullet through a church hitting someone, but because he saw the news coverage. Even if you somehow weren’t aware that it hit anyone and instead just knew you can fired off a random shot, wouldn’t you come forward regardless to make sure you didn’t do something horrible like…well hit someone in the chest while they were attending a Saturday night church trivia night fundraiser for a cancer patient?!

The victim’s condition is unknown at the time of this writing (though hopefully he’s doing well) and more specifics about the case should be released later today after the St. Charles County Prosecutor’s office has time to go over the report and decide on charges. In the meantime, some people thought about doing a new trivia night for the guy that was shot at the last charity trivia night, but felt like it’s too soon right now because the questions and answers are still pretty fresh in everyone’s mind. Plus no one’s too wild about the location they used last time. They should try to find something even less likely to take a bullet in than a Catholic church for the next one…maybe something like a baby animal petting zoo, or an all cute asian baby orphanage.

via KMOV