Quick Site Updates

Quick Site Updates

One week later, and we think it’s safe to call the new redesign a winner with nothing but good vibes coming from all of you. Thanks! That being said we have made two note-worthy changes:


We have a new “tip line” phone number: 314-669-K-T-T-Y We still have the contact form, but if you’d rather you can text or leave a message any tips or questions to that number. Like if you were out one night and saw Rams quarterback Sam Bradford hitting on your girlfriend you’d take a picture, text it to us at 314-669-KTTY and then step in and say “You can have her for 500,000k.” He’s got the money and  you both know it’s not working.

A better way to catch up on stories you missed

One popular request has been to add next and previous story links on the pages so you can flip through the ones you missed without having to go back to the homepage. As of right now, this feature is now live at the bottom of every post page, just above the comments.

Thanks again for enjoying the site and it’s new redesign!