Wentzville Police Debut New Drug Drop-off Box

Have some extra drugs you don’t need? Swing them by the Wentzville Police Department if you don’t want them. They have a drop box for that now. Time until 4 highschool kids beat the hell out of this thing with a bat to get at the expired woman’s fertility drugs inside? 6 hours.

Removing expired or unused drugs from home medicine cabinets will help in combating prescription drug abuse, especially by adolescents, according to a release from the city. The drugs collected at the drop box will be properly disposed of by incineration. EPA studies have shown that the common practice of flushing expired or unused drugs down the toilet is contaminating water supplies.

The drop box program is anonymous and no investigations will be conducted relative to the drop-offs.

The Wentzville Police want to be clear that their box is the one you should be using and it should not be confused with local druggie kid Keegan Miller’s Drug Donation Box he has taped to the wall in the back of the Walgreens he works at by the dumpster.

via STLToday