Virginia Kerr to Get Bumped to “Great Day” by Her Brunette Clone

Virginia Kerr, St. Louis’ news sweetheart, after famously tweeting about her sniz during labor, has been on maternity leave from her morning anchor post at KMOV who quickly found a brunette version of Kerr to fill the spot while she’s gone, one Claire Kellett. We have no idea how Claire is doing in her fill-in duties because we don’t get up that early and prefer to get our news from every other place ever, but apparently she’s doing just fine because now Brunette Virginia is in and Blonde Virginia is out.

Claire Kellett, who’s been filling in for Virgina Kerr on “News 4 Awake,” will replace Kerr as co-anchor with John Knicely.

When Kerr returns from maternity leave in January, she’ll co-host “Great Day St. Louis” with Carole Daniel, Matt Chambers and Kent Ehrhardt.

Oh snap! Cute mama Virginia Kerr getting replaced on the “real”-ish news job is bad enough, but for a blonde chick to get replaced by a brunette?! It’s on now! Plus Kerr has to go stink it up with KMOV’s morning show answer to the question no one asked because their either at work, chasing kids around, or doing something with their day. Also, why the hell does Great Day in St. Louis need four hosts? Seems like a lot of people. Do they have enough room around the kitchen cart so they can all say how yummy the cranberry muffins some chef you never heard of just showed you how to make?

“Virginia is a natural for ‘Great Day St. Louis,’ and she is definitely going to be a great addition to the show,” said Liz Mullen, KMOV’s director of programming and production. “We look forward to Virginia sharing her perspective on a variety of lifestyle topics, especially her unique perspective as a brand new mom.”

We gotta stop you right there. “Unique perspective”? How the hell is being a mom in any way unique? Sure it’s different, and an experience, but only to the person who pooped out the kid (Not poop exactly of course, but you know…it does come out of their butt right? Not always we mean…only if it starts off with anal.) not to any of the countless moms out there. Maybe they’re thinking that with a new baby at home she’ll be less likely to kill herself after a few weeks of her telling the five sad fat-asses watching this show while switching back and forth from QVC about how to make the best holiday centerpiece.

Meanwhile in a skull-shaped hillside lair in the heart of West County, Matt Chambers leans back in his giant chair adorned with the skulls of milk carton kids, tapping his fingers together. “Good! Good! All according to plan.”

via Gail Pennington @ STLToday