Mayor Slay: Hey NFL, Have the Giants and Vikings Game in St. Louis! NFL: No.

At this point, we’re quite sure that you know all about the Giants and Vikings NFL adventure: The Giants tried to get to Minnesota, but got stranded in Kansas City (sucks for them), causing Sunday’s game to be played on Monday…and then…this shit happened.

…which moved the game to Detroit. You also know that the Vikings got destroyed and people talked about Brett Favre the whole time.

What you might now have known is that one mayor offered to have the game played at his local stadium instead of Detroit. Sure his stadium is much farther than Detroit’s proximity to the original game, in fact the teams would have to pass up at least 4 other perfectly good stadiums on the way to his. Also his stadium is pretty crappy, not tattered roof with piles of snow crappy, but close. What mayor would make himself look like a complete dumbass by not only officially offering his stadium but then following that up with telling everyone that he did it, sparing himself just the quiet embarassment of having NFL officials laughing at him?

Our mayor of course.