Nativity Scene Stolen from Hope Lutheran School

The South City Hope Lutheran School‘s nativity scene was stolen recently in the beginning of a crime wave that can only escalate to other honorable crimes such as throwing puppies against brick walls, kicking old lady’s in the neck and talking the whole time through the Yogi Bear movie.

The theft happened over the weekend. Nearly 30 figures were painted and added to the display. Kindergartners dedicated parts of this to honor someone special. All that’s left are the figures surrounding what used to be a nativity scene.

Ok, so this was probably done by the Jews right? Clearly they hate Jesus, taking out “original” Jesus a few thousand years back, and now they are going after plywood baby Jesus! Well look, it had to have been the Jews or St. Louis is the kind of town that steals cutouts of the three wisemen, hand-painted by kindergarteners adored with tokens that remind the kids of the special people in their life. You tell us what is more likely…yeah we know. It’s the second option. We’re horrible people in the city, but you’ve got to come to us for Gus’ Pretzels. That’s the deal.

“If it was a prank, I’d just like tomorrow morning maybe they could just be leaning up against the side of the school or stick them in the bushes, or leave them back,” Cooney said. “We’re not looking for arresting anyone, we’d just like to see them back.”

Fox2’s Dave Murray is reporting that tomorrow’s weather will have a pleasant warm up until the temperature reaches “fire”-type levels around noon, followed by scattered brimstone lasting until at least the beginning of rush hour.

via KSDK