Mayor Slay: Hey NFL, Have the Giants and Vikings Game in St. Louis! NFL: No.

At this point, we’re quite sure that you know all about the Giants and Vikings NFL adventure: The Giants tried to get to Minnesota, but got stranded in Kansas City (sucks for them), causing Sunday’s game to be played on Monday…and then…this shit happened. …which moved the game to Detroit. You also know that the Vikings got destroyed and people talked about Brett Favre the whole time. What you might now have known is that one mayor offered to have the game played at his local stadium instead of Detroit. [Read More]

Mayor Slay Says Police Are Liars When Reporting Crime Data

If you felt a little extra safe in your cozy bed last night its a freaking miracle because this town has so much crime you can’t be in a balloon race without getting your car jacked, and now the Mayor is calling out the Police publicly because he believes the crime is even higher than the cops say it is. Someone in Detroit that just got stabbed fell down and is bleeding on a copy of USA Today, started reading about this bullshit and is laughing at all of this right now. [Read More]

Mayor Slay Gets in to the Sports Reporting Business

Last Wednesday our honorable Mayor Francis Slay, took to his blog and proceeded to, out of nowhere, dick-punch former Rams owner-in-waiting Shahid Khan by backing the “familiar face” of Stan Kroenke. Two potential new majority owners have emerged. One is a familiar billionaire face [Stan Kroenke] with generally unknown, but demonstrably successful, views. The other [Shahid Khan] is an unfamiliar very, very rich face with widely known, but generally untested, views. [Read More]

Oh Crap, the Mayor is Reading

We checked the Punching Kitty inbox last night and found this:

mayorslay_twitterWelcome to the party Mayor Slay!

There’s some beers in the cooler, pull up a lawn chair and have yourself a read.

We will graciously accept any advisor role you would like to bestow on us.

Call me: 314-266-8477

March 3rd Mayoral Primary Race Warming to Room Temperature

Driving around the other day I saw a “Reelect Slay” sign, which of course means its that time again! The Demacratic Mayoral Primary is on March 3rd and Slay squares off against former Alderman and former second-fiddle to Slay in the last election, Irene J. Smith….oh and some one else, but seriously…who cares? The fact I even know Smith is running is because of an article in the Post about how bad ass Mayor Slay is with his campaign and because “she” started following my personal Twitter account! [Read More]