March 3rd Mayoral Primary Race Warming to Room Temperature

Driving around the other day I saw a “Reelect Slay” sign, which of course means its that time again!  The Demacratic Mayoral Primary is on March 3rd and Slay squares off against former Alderman and former second-fiddle to Slay in the last election, Irene J. Smith….oh and some one else, but seriously…who cares?  The fact I even know Smith is running is because of an article in the Post about how bad ass Mayor Slay is with his campaign and because “she” started following my personal Twitter account!

Slay blogs (kinda) but Smith Twitters!  Are we looking at a Ron Paul situation with Smith?  Maybe!  Go iSmith!

Of course, it would really give her marks if she agreed to an interview of some kind for Punching Kitty…just saying…


ijs_pc_frnt2 & her myspace account & her Twitter account