God Voted For Todd Akin, Claims Todd Akin

Last night Todd Akin cruised to victory over John Brunner, and Sarah Steelman with a 6% lead (as of this writing) to grab the Republican nomination for Senate in November’s general election. Lots of people voted for Akin to give him the victory, but there’s one guy who’s vote mattered the most: God. God’s official Missouri residency seems to be a little hard to pin down, but it doesn’t matter to Akin who gave the first thanks to him in his victory speech… [Read More]

Missouri Governor Hopeful Dave Spence Smartly Tried to Hide Home Economics Major

Dave Spence is a Missouri businessman trying to make a run at the Governor’s office, leaning on the slogan “A Conservative for Missouri” which is brillant because we really don’t have many of those around here and he would really be a shock to those liberal hippies that usually the Missouri state government. Regardless, his plan might have worked had he managed to successfully hide his true college major behind his cloak of “important word dropping”. [Read More]

Election 2010: Choose Your Own Adventure

[Update: Results graphic updated with the final two race results. Click for a larger view.] Wow! What an election season. We saw some great fights that turned out to be landslides, and things we thought were decided in October come down to the wire. We had the big push for that thing we both wanted to win and held hands while we found out that person we didn’t want to win take the victory and then went to Twitter to complain…a lot. [Read More]

March 3rd Mayoral Primary Race Warming to Room Temperature

Driving around the other day I saw a “Reelect Slay” sign, which of course means its that time again! The Demacratic Mayoral Primary is on March 3rd and Slay squares off against former Alderman and former second-fiddle to Slay in the last election, Irene J. Smith….oh and some one else, but seriously…who cares? The fact I even know Smith is running is because of an article in the Post about how bad ass Mayor Slay is with his campaign and because “she” started following my personal Twitter account! [Read More]

Your Monday Morning Links

Start off your week with some hot linking action! There is no Bluebird, only Firebird: STLToday.com’s Blender has the newly released schedule for the re-lauched Firebird venue. Michael Pinto at Fanboy.com describes a problem we here at PunchingKitty have seen for quite a while: The Invasion of “Social Media Experts” If we may add some bitching to his great article: You dick (or boobs?) doesn’t get bigger just because you follow every retard that follows you! [Read More]