KMOV Wants You To Know They Don’t Believe This Story Either

Update: Via the comments we have learned that KMOV has since edited out the line in question below. You’re welcome journalism. Original post follows… Belleville police are working through the details of a bizarre situation when two young guys pulled off the road to a gas station because a car was following them and driving erratically. They feared for their safety and possibly rightly so, as shortly after they pulled over the 38 year old following them, got out of his car, reached in their car to grab them. [Read More]

Spanish Lake Native Makes a Movie About Spanish Lake

St. Louis’ Spanish Lake area is the subject of a new documentary, and if all the slowly zooming text with thumping soundtrack is the be believed, it’s the scene of a brutal murder of several slutty teenagers by a machette wielding crazy man that escaped from some place that doesn’t really matter…oh and you can’t kill the guy for some reason. [Phillip] Morton, 32, is now an independent filmmaker based in Los Angeles. [Read More]

Race Map of St. Louis Based on Census Data Looks About Right

Eric Fischer was inspired by Bill Rankin’s Chicago map of racial and ethnic divides which took the recent Census data and dotted a city map with colored dots equaling groups of the same race…so he did the same thing for other cities. Not sure if this really counts as being “inspired”. “Thought that it was cool so I did the exact same thing.” might be closer. Below is Fischer’s map of St. [Read More]

The Urban Assault Ride Returns to St. Louis

The Urban Assault Ride is coming back to St. Louis on August 15th! If you’ve heard of it, I’m sure you’re excited and if you’ve never heard of it, this bearded gentleman on the right riding a big wheel should get you sufficiently up to speed. The Urban Assault Ride™ is a truly unique cycling event…and quickly becoming one of the biggest in country! Here’s how it works: You and your teammate will set out on a city-wide quest for ‘checkpoints’ on your favorite two-wheeled steeds. [Read More]

News to Only White People: Black Guys Get Pulled Over a Lot

Hey guess what 2010, you’re not really all that advanced and progressive as Twitter would have you believe. Black guys are still getting pulled over at an alarmingly higher rate. The first report, issued in 2001, said black motorists in Missouri were 30 percent more likely than whites to be pulled over, when considering total populations of driving-age residents by race. For 2009, the year that Koster reported upon today, blacks were 62 percent more likely than whites to be stopped. [Read More]

March 3rd Mayoral Primary Race Warming to Room Temperature

Driving around the other day I saw a “Reelect Slay” sign, which of course means its that time again! The Demacratic Mayoral Primary is on March 3rd and Slay squares off against former Alderman and former second-fiddle to Slay in the last election, Irene J. Smith….oh and some one else, but seriously…who cares? The fact I even know Smith is running is because of an article in the Post about how bad ass Mayor Slay is with his campaign and because “she” started following my personal Twitter account! [Read More]