KMOV Wants You To Know They Don’t Believe This Story Either

KMOV Wants You To Know They Don’t Believe This Story Either

Update: Via the comments we have learned that KMOV has since edited out the line in question below. You’re welcome journalism.

Original post follows…

Belleville police are working through the details of a bizarre situation when two young guys pulled off the road to a gas station because a car was following them and driving erratically. They feared for their safety and possibly rightly so, as shortly after they pulled over the 38 year old following them, got out of his car, reached in their car to grab them. The kids hit the suspect in defense and the police were called.

Police tell News 4 that the white man saw the two African-Americans driving in his neighborhood and began to follow them on Friday night.

After the victims pulled into the Gas Mart on South Belt East, the 38-year-old suspect reached into their vehicle and grabbed them.  The victims defended themselves by striking back.

That’s a weird story and one with a lesson: Don’t follow people and then try to grab them or you’ll get punched or worse.

However, KMOV has some details they’d like to add: The two kids were black and the guy was white. Oh and this:

Police have not told News 4 if there is more to this than meets the eye.

Implied translation: “You and I both know them black fellers musta done somethin’!”

What the hell?! Maybe there is something else here, but also maybe there’s not, so if no one said anything and the man was charged with battery, why would you drop that in to a news piece? Why is this story any different than anything else? “Police have not told News 4 if there is more to this than meets the eye.” to the end of any story makes things seem a bit more sinister no matter the setup.

KMOV didn’t add any extra theories on the piece entitled “Volunteers donate bone marrow for young boy with rare disease” but what a missed opportunity to say with an implied wink: “The eight-year-old boy suffers from a rare immune disease called HLH. Police have not told News 4 if there is more to this than meets the eye.” Could the kid be faking it? Is he really a 40 year old mobster that happens to look like a kid until you notice his 5 o’clock shadow? Is all this money going to keep the man/kid mobster setup with sex slaves farmed from St. Charles high school parties, forcing them to get down with a little kid wiener and then rob armored cars while wearing skimpy 70’s style atire ?! …we don’t know, because the police won’t tell us if there is more than meets the eye.

Horrible job KMOV. Time to tell the 12 year old “backpack reporter” to scoop up his colored pencils and hit the road.

Actually, hold on. Do those colored pencils have an alibi? We don’t recall the police mentioning them either, so by your logic they are clearly a prime suspect…especially that Brown one. White and Peach? You’re free to go.

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