Missouri Wants to Ban “Gay” Talk From Schools

Oh Missouri state lawmakers do try hard to make us all look like backwater retards don’t they?

A bill currently up for debate in the Missouri House of Representatives would prohibit teachers in public schools from discussing sexual orientation.

The “Don’t Say Gay” legislation is sponsored by several Republicans who contend there is no place of discussion about sexual orientation in public schools.

Is this needed? Was there really all that much talk of sexual orientation in the first place? And lets be honest, the old fat white guys aren’t worried about anyone discussion a man and a woman being together, they’re just talking about homosexuality…and if you don’t want to bring that up in schools it completely alienates the kids that are gay, have friends that are gay, or aren’t assholes.

Worst yet, if this bill passes, a prom picture such as this will be completely unexplainable:

via KMOX

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