Missouri Governor Jay Nixon Wants Your Stupid Kid to Be Smarter

Governor Jay Nixon knows that his state’s schools are lagging behind the rest of the country, which has an effect on the state’s economy as the stupid kids don’t tend to move as much, so he’s got a plan to fix it. It’s been budgeted, the schools are on board and it’s genius. Are you ready? Here it is: Missouri schools will now be required to extend their school year by six days! [Read More]

Missouri Wants to Ban “Gay” Talk From Schools

Oh Missouri state lawmakers do try hard to make us all look like backwater retards don’t they? A bill currently up for debate in the Missouri House of Representatives would prohibit teachers in public schools from discussing sexual orientation. The “Don’t Say Gay” legislation is sponsored by several Republicans who contend there is no place of discussion about sexual orientation in public schools. Is this needed? Was there really all that much talk of sexual orientation in the first place? [Read More]
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U.S. Education Secretary to Visit St. Louis Saying “It Can’t Possibly be THAT Bad!”

From newsday.com: U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan will travel to St. Louis next week with the American Federation of Teachers president. Spokesman Justin Hamilton on Friday confirmed the secretary’s visit. He said Duncan will visit three St. Louis elementary schools on Thursday and be joined by AFT president Randi Weingarten. I pretty much picture the Secretary’s visit to some of St. Louis’ schools going down in super-cleaned school along a pre-designed path by rooms filled with all of the good students being taught by good teachers reading books St. [Read More]