U.S. Education Secretary to Visit St. Louis Saying “It Can’t Possibly be THAT Bad!”

bee1From newsday.com:

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan will travel to St. Louis next week with the American Federation of Teachers president.

Spokesman Justin Hamilton on Friday confirmed the secretary’s visit. He said Duncan will visit three St. Louis elementary schools on Thursday and be joined by AFT president Randi Weingarten.

I pretty much picture the Secretary’s visit to some of St. Louis’ schools going down in super-cleaned school along a pre-designed path by rooms filled with all of the good students being taught by good teachers reading books St. Louis borrowed from Chicago for the day while the rest of the kids, horrible teachers packed in the basement guarding a bee in a glass jar.

Eventually after nearly getting through with their elaborate scheme, someone will slip on the over-waxed floor and knock down the painted on set pieces of “new” books and working equipment along the walls followed by all the dumb kids running comically over her in a stampede leaving her with hilarious shoe prints all over her face and clothes!

…also we’ll never be allowed to teach a child in St. Louis ever again, but frankly at this point, its probably for the best.