How To Endear Yourself to Coworkers: Fake Cancer

A courthouse clerk in Pineville, MO was fired after lying to co-workers by saying she had cancer and then receiving roughly $10,000 in gifts.

Officials say 42-year-old Tammy Young told people she had been diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a malignant form of tumor, and had been undergoing treatment at three different hospitals.

But co-workers in the county prosecutor’s office became suspicious and her story began to unravel, leading to her firing in July.

This article by the AP on was way too short!  Where are all the good details?!

How did the coworkers become suspicious?  Was it her long flowing hair?  The fact that she thought the chemotherapy cocktail was something that involved vermouth?  Or the fact that she drives that new car with the license “FAKDIT”?

What was the end game here?  Was she just going to pop into work and say “I beat it!  Thanks guys!  …glad thats all over! ”  Or did she think it worked like Kenny from South Park and try to get a few funeral gifts out of them too before showing up back at work with a fake mustache?

Also, she could have saved herself from trouble by just saying she had a severe mental illness.  1, its fairly undetectable, and 2. apparently it would have been 100% true.