Report: Cancer a bonus to the already priceless eyesore that is Carter Carburetor in North St. Louis

In a new report from KMOV “the old Carter Carburetor building in north St. Louis is an eyesore that’s full of cancer-causing chemicals – and it may finally come down, thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency.” Yippee! “The contaminated site sits right across the street from the Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club.” Hooray! _“_Clean up comes with a $26 million price tag.” (Cues cricket sound)… As seen above, the site in questions has sat vacant for 25 years and once employed hundreds of St. [Read More]

How To Endear Yourself to Coworkers: Fake Cancer

A courthouse clerk in Pineville, MO was fired after lying to co-workers by saying she had cancer and then receiving roughly $10,000 in gifts. Officials say 42-year-old Tammy Young told people she had been diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a malignant form of tumor, and had been undergoing treatment at three different hospitals. But co-workers in the county prosecutor’s office became suspicious and her story began to unravel, leading to her firing in July. [Read More]

The Cancer Project Says Hot Dogs Cause Cancer, Tasty Tasty Cancer

Brace yourselves. A group that calls themselves “The Cancer Project” has decided that they haven’t been in the news enough for their liking, so they are declaring that hot dogs cause cancer. Everything causes cancer, and everyone knows it. This is way to generic to be anything but link-bait bullshit. “Hot Dogs”? If you want people to believe your lie, try to be a little more specific. For instance, if you were to tell me that neon green relish they put on Chicago-style hot dogs causes cancer, well thats something I could buy in to, but “hot dogs? [Read More]