St. Louis Cop Claims Responsibility for Leaked Crime Scene Photo

This is where we would normally ask if you remember the case a few days ago where a US Marshal was killed in the process of trying to take down one Carlos Boles and that since then, there as been a leaked crime scene Boles’ lifeless body leaked to the internet. We would say that, but we know that most of you already know this because people have been coming here in droves to see if we had it. [Read More]

Your World Champion 1926 Cardinals!

Found and posted by St. Louis Twitter-er Kopper

Note the advertiser text at the bottom to receive your “handsome catalog of guns, traps and trapping supplies” by simply mailing a card to the St. Louis Fur Exchange Building.

Birds of a Feather, Pose for Douchey Photos?

If I didn’t recognize the two on the left as St. Louis Cardinals Brendan Ryan and Colby Rasmus, I would say this picture appears to be the start of an amazing douche collection. It has it all, the guy that throws the peace sign everywhere, the “I’ve been rocking this so long it can’t possibly be ironic any longer” mustache and a straight up classic “Me Play Sports Good” face on young Colby in the middle. [Read More]

Post Dispatch Runs Out of News, Starts Posting Headshots on Home Page

I go to and I see this on the front page: This is it huh? The day you just started running headshots on the front page. None of us should be surprised, it was bound to happen. Wait, maybe this head shot is of some news-worthy person that I’m not aware of, I’ll just check the caption. … Nevermind. I’ve just decided I’ll still keep coming here from time to time dispite the glamour shots home page…well unless I swing by and see that Dan Ceasar mug shot on the home page. [Read More]