The Top 5 Other Things The Cardinals Were Happy About

Yeah! Pujols looked like Pujols the other night against the Cubs when he dropped two bombs on them, the last of which in the 12th inning to seal the victory. Here’s what it looked like via the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

A great moment to be sure with lots of happy little Cardinal faces…almost too happy. Sure a walk-off victory against the Cubs is great, but if you were really the best fans in baseball you would have kept watching the game and noticed a few other things followed Pujols down the baseline that elicited the same jubilant reaction.

#5: A Giant Eclair

Clearly chocolate frosting is Tyler Greene’s favorite. He’s stoked!

#4: Tony Danza

Check out Motte on the right! He clearly has a vote on who he thinks the boss is.

#3: Tony LaRussa Doing the Hula

Tony’s got a great head of hair here and we’ll just say it: That little hip tattoo is sexy as hell on the skipper.

#2: Blake Lively

She’s found a mirror and her iPhone. If we all stay quiet, we’re about 5 minutes from nipple.

#1: The Coolest Guy Ever